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06 Oct 2018

Hacked by Cylons

Battlestar Galactica Deadlock on console…

My Manticores Perses and Lancer were hacked by Cylon ships, so that their firing solutions were fried. Sitting ducks without much in the way of payback.

So Battlestar Athena had to step in, launching Viper squadrons to intercept the hackers, whilst she pounded the supporting Cylon ships.


Perses had Athena in close support, so could drop to full defense and repair of sub-systems.

Lancer, however was on her own, so she upped the defense, and ran towards the Daidalos mobile shipyard, and rely on support from her turrets. Once the* Perses* was safe both her and* Athena* made a bee-line towards the Cylon harassing the Lancer.

The Viper squadrons were already engaged when missile barrages landed from Athena.

The game provides a replay of all the WEGO simultaneous turn based planning, and I was still getting acquainted to the mechanics in this early mission, but the replay is very “cinematic” (aping the style of the 2003 BSG TV Show), and the music is spot on!

I fretted and bumbled my way through, but in replay it doesn’t look that bad. Apart from a mis-step of firing a missile barrage through the path of the Daidalos!! Whoops!

Love the viper-side cam, and just seeing massive ships empty their cannons and missile bays on one another, whilst vipers swarm back and forth. This is the business.

#battlestargalactica #deadlock

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[1] https://slitherine.com/products/product.asp?gid=692 [2] https://invidio.us/watch?v=aaXnPGlpZ-4 [3] https://www.idlethumbs.net/3ma/episodes/battlestar-galactica-deadlock [4] https://www.spreaker.com/user/single_malt_strategy/sms-17-bsg-deadlock

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