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08 Oct 2019

Trill Biography

Name      : Trill
Race      : Teir'Dal
Age       : 35 (ie. quite young)
Profession: Battle Vocalist (Dirge)

Q. What was your character’s upbringing like? Did circumstance surround them from his birth, or was their life up until their adventuring career relatively bland? What landmark occurrences made them who they are today?

  1. Trill’s upbringing was harsher than most, when she was young, her father was killed by Orcs, and even though the Orcs paid bitterly with their lives and the lives of their young, it was no comfort financially nor status wise amongst the Teir’Dal in Freeport. Her mother raised her as best she could, distilling the hatred and concentrating it in the voice of Trill. She was a remarkable vocalist, and rather than curl the tongue around pitiful chants of love or wants, Trill’s mother poured the loathing of her race and her personal loneliness into Trills choral training. Songs that were twisted yet mesmerising now flowed from Trill like they were the echoes from her dear Mothers blackened heart. And Trill whorshipped her Mother like Innoruk himself.

Q. What are your character’s goals and motivations? What do they strive for, toil for? Power? Wealth? Remembrance? Adventuring? What does your character ultimately wish to achieve?

  1. Trill’s motivation comes from the basic premise that control, deathly control, can forge a new life for herself and her Mother. She wants to charm those in battle and slay them to reap what she can from their bodies. If enough wealth can be obtained through her young adventuring career then perhaps she can buy back some of the respect lost amongst the Teir’Dal when her Father was killed. Ultimately her adventuring career has proved troublesome and she is drawn apart like meat from the bone, her doctrine of hate and loathing is being tempered by weariness in travel and loneliness - without her Mother mentoring her constantly - she finds the road a parched dusty one, and her senses are becoming dulled to the presence of the lower races. I think her focus, her purpose is becoming unclear the more she is away from her Mother and her Teir’Dal kin.

Q. Why did your character choose their profession? What event moved them toward their path?

  1. The profession of Dirge more or less chose Trill (aided heavily by her mother’s encouragement), as soon as she could speak, the tonal accompaniment of her voice to her Mothers musical attempts, shone bright like a beacon of talent, her Mother could not resist the opportunity to have a Battle Vocalist as a daughter to put paid the shame of her Husbands death.

Q. What are your character’s relatives like? Are they alive, dead, adventurers, merchants, blacksmiths? What were your living arrangements and surroundings growing up? Do you have any siblings, childhood rivals, etc?

  1. Trill was an only child, mainly because her Father was killed so early on in the marriage, there was no others. Her Mother performed “tunes” as a musician to pay for Trill’s upbringing and coaching. She is still alive, residing in Freeport, living off what Trill can get to her, or the odd appearance when she can.

Q. What does your character do when not ’Active’ in the game? (IE any time you are logged out of Everquest)

  1. Trill usually rests. As much as she can. The burden of adventuring is hard on the young elven girl, her voice sometimes seems broken, due to wind, rain and dust, softening her vocal chords, malforming them into breathless lullaby organs, than sharp anthemic caterwauling tools of pain. So she hides out in any Inn that will have her. She sips whatever oily exudate she can to line her throat for the next adventure that will be on her at first light. Often she will curl up somewhere and hide in the shadows until her lungs have rested. She will not make a spectacle of herself amongst such lowlife.

Q. Name the people most trusted as allies, in your character’s opinion?

  1. Trill trusts no-one except her Mother. However, as she is worn away like dust from a rock, her judgement fades a little and she has been known to follow others, even tolerate the likes of humans for a short period, until she can function properly again. Sometimes her distrust of everyone can be forgetful when the lands beat down upon you night and day

Q. Does your character have any special quirks? A twitchy eye, a lisp, an obsession with playing cards?

  1. She enjoys the taste of snake meat. Cooked. She also hates having her hair exposed to the sunlight, it goes brittle and snaps and her braiding gets dirty - she absolutely hates that! An armoured helmet is essential for Trill.

Please write a brief character history here. It does not have to be elaborate, just a general idea of your character’s experiences and a feel for why they are the way they are.

Trill’s sheltered upbringing in and around Freeport, was mainly intensive tutelage, she sang morning noon and night, and as such had little time for social contact nor education. Voicing pain and torment was her life throughout her formative years.

As she embarked upon her adventurous career, at the behest of her Mother (who thought Trill wasn’t ready), she set out into the wilds eager to test out her perilous talents on the roaving bandits, orcs and undead known to plague those lands. Unfortunately, it was true, she was not ready for the danger and peril she found. And in no time at all, Trill found herself being ’protected’ by a lesser race, an ogre no less. Still Trill glossed over the smell and the indignity of it all, and he became (in her eyes) a servant to her, she would claim to have some mesmeric power over him.

Trill was tortured regularly whilst traversing the Nektulos Forest an area she couldn’t quite get the acoustics right, because of the trees and running water. Luckily her torment ended as she stumbled upon a passageway out into the lands known as the Thundering Steppes. Here she heard of untold riches buried underground, guarded by strong viscious gnolls. Despite the danger, the reward of plunder was too tempting to Trill, and she currently seeks like minded Teir’Dal to take down into the earth and slay these doglike spawn to reap the rewards.

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