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06 Oct 2018

Trill's Song for Runnyeye

Shed a Tear in Runnyeye..

Composed and sung by Trill Siren, Battle Vocalist

A gauntlet run, of goblin hate
on a bridge of wood, clumsily made
through a door of steel, oval shaped
you'll suffocate in nightmares draped

Gnawed and scraped, by tooth and horn
tusk fuelled pain, from gorehorn scorn
Clay men beat, an earthen drum
Swamped by trickster and brawler scum

Something sees you, peers from the dark
A single eye, stares so stark
floats above ground, spots its mark
lid and lash, its orb pockmarked

Its gaze is cold, a deathly sight
its toothed lid snaps, with deadly might
an iris opens, to a darkened void
spewing black mist, a poison to avoid

Trailing tentacles, curl and twist
tangled and forlorn, you must persist
slash at the retina, poke at cornea
avert its gaze and avoid its fear

Finally puncture the occular globe
slice up the lid, the eye is disrobed
swiftly sever, the optic nerve
gather your strength and muster reserve

the minion has fallen, the Lord still stands
Rulgax awaits you, with his evil demands
cut a path through, his chamber is nigh
Slay him and shed, a tear in Runnyeye...

Slay him and shed, a tear in Runnyeye...

Slay him and shed, a tear in Runnyeye...
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