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16 Oct 2018

Golden Krone Hotel

If you have a fondness for the Halloweens and you like to cosy up to a fright night on All Hallows Eve, then I have good news for you.

The Golden Krone will be stalking your Hotel dreams tonight!

Golden Krone Hotel [1] is now available on Steam in Early Access [2] and this Gothic Horror Roguelike is primed to spook and delight you in equal measure.


This pixel art traditional roguelike is soaked in blood and bathed in light, where you tip toe on a thread between vampire and vampire hunter, where lighting or the lack of it dynamically alters your tactical decisions, and illuminates or shades your path through the Golden Krone Hotel.

The shifting perspective between the lightbringer Human adventurer and the desperately needy Vampiric survivor, really plays out in the mechanics and provides a strong thematic foundation for the action to be lifted beyond the “usual” roguelike adventuring.


So as you bob for your apples, suck down your pumpkin soup or devour copious quantities of black pudding, throw a few shiny coppers down on the game to book your room at the Golden Krone Hotel, and settle in for a night of terror-ific excitement!

To get the lowdown on Golden Krone Hotel and it’s development, listen to the developer Jeremiah Reid [4] talk with Darren Grey [5] on the Roguelike Radio Podcast Episode 138 [6].

Or for a general look at Horror across the roguelike genre, check out Roguelike Radio Podcast Episode 140 [7].

Or check out the recent Rock, Paper, Shotgun article [8].

Or check out the devs blog [9].

For a quick look see at the game in action, I would recommend Waervyn Plays:

VIDEO [10]

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