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Gem In I

by spelk on February 2, 2021

Interests in simplification

I’ve been keen on the Gemini Protocol for a while now, watching from a distance, soaking up what info I could.

I am already sold on a better Internet, one of information and easy use, without surveillance and caveat.

I’m interested in low technology and small tech



I’ve minimalised by web site down to static pages created inside of Emacs running org-mode and outputting to very simple html via org-mode-static-blog.

I’ve dabbled in GOPHER via sdf.org


I’ve even sampled the delights of GEMINI via the low friction more accessible site Gemini Blue


My test site at Gemini Blue


There is a narrative here, served by a cluster of ideas on how to take personal information forward, how to decentralise and share with others, amongst a nurturing environment of cooperation, utility and respect.

Making it happen

Over the past few days, a few of the people who I follow on Mastodon, have been exploring the world of hosting your own Gemini server and getting a ‘capsule’ up for the gemspace to explore.

It’s their enthusiasm and tutelage that has me up and running and posting here.

Uoou (Drew), Hex (HexDSL) and Chris Were (Chris Were) have documented the process necessary for anyone with an interest and a penchant for dabbling..

Uoou’s explanation of Gemini Markup and server setup


Chris Were’s server setup


Hex’s exploration of some Gemini Clients


Thanks for the leg up into the command module, prepare for lift off!

If you want to sample their capsules, then take a look at my CheekyGEMS list on the HOME “page”