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08 Oct 2020

The other day I realised why, having been an IT professional for 3 decades, I find myself shipwrecked on a technological island without the power to reach or help other people.

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Doctorow vs Surveillance Capitalism

16 Sep 2020

I’ve been taking more and more notice of sci-fi cyberpunk writer Cory Doctorow. He’s been quite vocal about all sorts of matters of digital privacy, capitalism, surveillance capitalism and the ethics of our future on this planet.

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Compromise and Compromised (5/100)

03 May 2020

(ridding myself of all the trappings of surveillance capitalism and reliance on paid for, lock-in ransoming proprietary services) [1]

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The dystopian cyberpunk future I always wanted (4/100)

01 May 2020

It was only a few shorts months ago that I was proclaiming 2020 as the Cyberpunk future I’d always dreamt about since I was a teen in the early ’80s. A futuristic milestone notched up on the electrified twirling baton of time. Little did I know it would get quite so dystopian and quite so bleak where human contact becomes the vector by which to spread my own demise. I have no doubt the current situation will shake it all up and shape our dystopia for years to come. Perhaps a global pandemic is the catalyst for change that our society seemed to be hankering for the past few years?

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Life in Text (3/100)

29 Apr 2020

I’ve been trying to tame my chaotic digital life for quite some time much of it tied into novel ideas turned into costly dot coms, todoist, trello, evernote etc.

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