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Gopher Clients

by spelk on April 19, 2019

There are a number of Gopher clients available a number of which can be web browser add-ons to allow you to access gopherspace using your current “window” to the Internet. However, to truly taste the speed and power of Gopher in a Linux terminal, the following are very easy to use.


Lynx Browser

You can load a Gopherhole direct from the command line by pointing the browser at the gopher site (the gopher protocol denoted by gopher://).

lynx gopher://sdf.org/users/spelk

You’ll be able to navigate your way through the information links, reading the text files associated or digging deeper into the gopherhole sub-directories.



CGO is a another terminal based gopher client

CGO works by rendering the Gopher page in the terminal and marking up the links with two character combinations (Vim-like), so traversing the Gopherhole requires less keystrokes than using arrow key navigation as you do in Lynx. Each information file or sub-directory link will only require two key combos to go and render the new content.

cgo gopher://sdf.org:70/users/spelk

Lynx is straightforward to use, in most distribution repositories, but is a little traditional in its method of navigation through the Gopher links.

CGO requires builing from source, if it isn’t in your repo, but is very lightweight and fast, particularly with the two keystroke combo navigation.