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by spelk on February 17, 2021

Free and Open Source Software [FOSS]and ethical services I use in my digital life.


Audio Anchor A mobile audio book player.


Neocities Back to basics, hand coding HTML web pages with a strong community vibe.

Gemini Protocol In between web and gopher, the modern way to do small web.


Firefox Desktop web browser

Waterfox Desktop web browser based Firefox

Qutebrowser Minimal web browser with Vim key support

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser Mobile privacy browser

Tor Browser Desktop and mobile privacy browser over the Tor network


Etar Mobile calendar app

DAVx5 Mobile CalDAV?CardDAV syncroniser app


Open Camera Mobile camera app

Chat & Messaging

Delta Chat Messaging client - desktop and mobile - using private Email as encrypted transfer protocol

Jitsi Meet Desktop and mo0bile chat/video client


Owndrive Free Nextcloud host 2Gb available

The Good Cloud Free Nextcloud host 2Gb available

Email Service

Posteo.de Ethical, affordable, sustainable green mail service provider. 1 Euro a month.

Email Client

Evolution Full featured mail client

K-9 Mail Mobile mail client


Emacs Extensible Text Editor and development platform

Orgmode Contextual markup and functionality on plain text files in Emacs

File Manager

PCMANFM Lightweight desktop file manager

NNN CLI terminal based file manager

Simple File Manager Pro File manager app


Netguard Mobile firewall (set data/wifi access on individual app basis)


Agate Simple Gemini Server

Amfora CLI terminal based Gemini client

Kristall Desktop GUI Gemini client

Deedum Mobile Gemini client


GNU Image Manipulation Program Full featured Image Editor

SXIV CLI Simple X Image Viewr

Geeqie Desktop Image Viewer

Simple Gallery Pro Mobile Image Viewer


KISS Launcher Minimal Mobile app launcher with search


OpenStreetMaps GIS

Mobile App

FDroid Mobile Free and Open Source Software repo for Android. No Google necessary.


MOCP CLI terminal muisc player

Audacious Desktop music player

SicMu Player Mobile music player

Bandcamp Quality DRM free music from independant artists


Newsboat CLI terminal based RSS reader

Elfeed Emacs based RSS reader

Readrops Mobile RSS reader

One Time Password

FreeOTP OTP Authenticaor


MX Linux My OS of choice in terms of usability, configuration options and performance on older hardware

Arcolinux Testing Arch Linux

Password Manager

KeePassXC Desktop and Mobile password manager


Zathura Document Viewer

MuPDF Viewer Mobile Document Viewer


Antennapod Mobile Podcast player

Raspberry Pi

DietPi Lightweight OS for Pi - good for self-hosting gemini server

Social Media

Mastodon Decentralised community

Fedilab Mobile Mastodon Client

RedReader Mobile Reddit Reader


Syncthing Serverless device syncing


MPV Video Player

Freetube Video Player with subscriptions

VLC Desktop and Mobile Video Player

Newpipe Mobile Video Player with subscriptions